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HEY LOCAL CHEFS!!  Picnic Gathering and Farm Tours Event


Now that the farm is in full swing we'd like a chance for the chefs to come tour the farm and get to know it's wonderful products.  We are hosting an event June 25th from 11am-1pm.  There will be fresh Caprese Salads and heavy hors d'oeuvres served and walking tours of the property.


A bus has been chartered to pick up from Red Bar at 10am, and the Watercolor Publix at 10:20 and then out to the farm.  You're welcome to ride with us, or drive yourself on out!   Space is limited so CALL AHEAD! (850) 598-0964


We can't wait for you to sample the produce and have a look around.  This event is limited to chefs along the Emerald Coast now, but we plan to have more events in the future we can open to the public.  


We always welcome guest on a one on one basis too, so call if you'd like a tour, but cannot make the event!



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